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My mom and I have always loved to paint, play, and adventure. Carrie has always been a great artist and inspiration to me. I grew up with a paint brush in my right hand and doodling on everything in sight (which wasn't always a good thing).  My mom taught me to paint my memories, dreams, to savor every moment, and that there is always a reason for champagne. Carrie has been creating and designing  her entire life. She has designed everything from golf courses, paintings, landscape designs, textiles, and even wood working too. After going through countless ideas for my wedding we decided to design watercolors together and Carries and Seash and our watercolor dreams were born.  Since, we have designed a line of watercolor inspired stationery, monograms, and are now working on a line of fabrics too! We're chasing our dreams one day at a time. We specialize in watercolor bespoke designs for weddings, stationary, textiles, branding, and digital illustrations. We would love to design your dreams! 

We update our blog weekly with new things we like, tablescapes, finished projects, places, and treasures we find. 

Live life watercolorfly!


Carrie and Seash


A few of the fun companies and people we have worked with include: Amber Box of Venz EditsAmy Havins of Dallaswardrobe,  Bridget Ryan of Being Bridget, D Weddings Magazine,  DondoloJulia Dzafic of Lemonstripes, and Beatriz Ball. We are always looking for new collaborations. 

All photos on this site are owned by Carrie and Seash.