Baby Announcements : Ann Hayes Quinif

People ask what makes each design special quite often or don't know exactly what to ask for when we are creating their own design. Maybe you like watercolor? Maybe you think something looks pretty? The work and time that goes into each bespoke piece is completely about the client. The details that make each piece special are things like a particular type of flower, the shape of a bow, a puppy, equestrian details, oranges, trees, mistletoe, seashells, or even little add ins like your dogs and an umbrella on a watercolor of your home. Of course, this can be a lot so we are happy to help, research, and discuss ideas that seem like a good fit to highlight the special occasion. All of this is done to create a special memory for the occasion and to reflect the the baby, family, and/or couple being celebrated. 

We designed the below baby announcement for baby Ann Hayes Quinif. 

To start off with, Ann is named after her great grandmother. Her mom is from Southern California and married her husband from Phoenix, AZ. They now live in Dallas, TX where Ann was born. Ann mom wanted a baby announcement and crest that would reflect them as a family and Ann. Then also include some details on the back of the card with Ann Photos and a full family photo. 

We made a crest of wildflowers to show where Ann came from and where she was born. Arizona Angelita Desert Daisies for her father, California Poppies for Anns mom, and Texas Blue Bonnets for Anns home and birth place. We tied the crest together with a big pink bow and made Anns initials in a fancy feminine script in blue to highlight the Blue Bonnets for her. 

The back of the card has a photo of Ann surrounded by spring tulips with a watercolor tulip and flower border. Then also a photo of Ann with her siblings who adore her. The watercolors on the side include a bumble bee for Blake (her nickname), and inchworm for Wyatt, and a lady bug for Ann along with more wildflowers.