Pearfect Fall Decor Ideas


After Labor Day Weekend I start thinking about cute things I can do around our home to add a touch of fall decor as the seasons start to change. We had wanted to set up an outdoor tablescape but the weather doesn't always agree with my ideas. San Diego can get the dreariest marine layers so we chose to use inspiration form our local market to bring easy local, fresh, and seasonal decor inside. One of the easiest things I think of is decorating with fall fruits, dried acorns, and flowers. We usually keep a bowl of pears and persimmons out because they're gorgeous colors pop and they can also be added into any salad or snack we toss together. The Beatriz Ball Platter and Bowl we used to highlight the pears and acorns have a lovely wavy edge that adds a whimsical canvas to our fall decor display. 

This is especially easy to do as you only need to pick up some pretty pears at your local farmers market or grocery store and line them up on a platter or stack them in a bowl. Pears come in so many colors, shapes, and variations that they are a fun way to to add some pearfect fall decor to our home. 

Inspired by my moms trip to Belfast last fall we designed Espalier Pear Tree Pillows and also a matching simplified pear and leaf pattern. The pillows are a take on Espalier grown pear trees that vine up the walls in gorgeous patterns (almost like an ivy) in Belfast. They are not only gorgeous but also make it incredibly easy to have pear trees in your garden without them taking up to much space. 

We hope you enjoy our little sketches, pillows, and also our easy fall decor ideas. The white ceramic platter and bowl with the long wavy edges are made by Beatriz Ball. They are very flattering for decor and also for food. They add a dramatic touch and whimsy to what would normally be a simple white platter. We love them! 



Carrie and Seash