Amber Venz Box, VenzEdits, Christmas Cards 2017


We were so excited to design Amber Venz Box Christmas Cards in December 2017. She has been a huge inspiration personally to me. Watching her transform the world of online shopping and monetize blogging while looking amazing and taking on the consumer world is incredible. 

I first heard of Amber while attending Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas (where she also went to school). She also happened to date a close family friends son for a little bit and we had heard how nice she was. She couldn't have been sweeter or more enthusiastic about working with us. It really made us feel like we were doing something right. We throw a lot of mud at the wall - trying to figure out what will stick.. and you always wonder if your on the right path. 

Amber gave us a great project and challenge for her Christmas Cards. She sent us a handful of photos, including separate photos of her children, dogs, porch, and inspiration. Then a photo with the layout- below. 

To start we created a full pencil sketch to be sent to amber for edits. Then we did a second sketch, and a few more edits. Once the layout was approved we made a watercolor draft for coloring. Then we did the original piece to be used for the Christmas Cards. We digitally edit the watercolor and code them for printing. What makes watercolor difficult to reprint is the shadows in the cold press watercolor paper (and the texture) and that the paint colors don't exist in printer inks. We do our best to color match and keep the watercolor texture on our printed designs as possible. We usually order a sample before placing a full order on each custom work to make sure our designs look their best. 

We love how Ambers watercolor cards turned out. You can tell how much her family, Christmas, and love mean to her and her family.

Here is the inspiration for the Christmas Card. 


Carrie and Seash