Logan Weaver & Tyler Read Wedding June 2018


I thought everyone would like to see this clients wedding and the amount of detail the bride put into the smallest details for her wedding. 

Her wedding theme board is below, Pineapple Productions was her wedding planner, and Headley-Lyons were her photographers. 

Her theme was inspired by a garden party and blue and white ginger jars. For the family who hosted her wedding she had a custom painting of their home done- which she told us had to have blue and white ginger jars snuck into the painting. She said they were all over, here and there, in the house. So we tucked them inside the windows. The name of the home is called Foxspring so we also added a little fox in peeking out from the bushes. 

The first photo below is the watercolor draft, the second is the finished piece. It is 11 x 14 inches. 

For her mom, she wanted a painting of the church where they were getting married. She then had us add her favorite poem into the sky and also we snuck the wedding date into the sidewalk of the church. 

The first photo is the watercolor draft, the second is the finished piece. They are 11 x 14 inches. 

For her dad, she wanted the lyrics from their song written out with a few words emphasis to be hung as artwork. We sent her a sample of colors layered with washes to pick from and went over sizing and layout so it would look just right. 

The first image is the color selection, the final paintings are below. 

Lastly, we had so much fun making her custom thank you notes for the wedding. We waited until she had a photo, a week after, and then got started. She wanted the photo to be on one side and then a ginger jar inspired border to be included. Not knowing, we worked with her sister and picked up a few details from her wedding. We watercolored her monogram used at her head table on the embroidered napkins and took hints from the ginger jars at the wedding to come up with a matching border that we added her matching monogram into. We then simplified the intricate border to wind around her photo on the opposite side. We really wanted our watercolors to match the inspiration for her wedding (below) so you can see how we tried to keep with the theme. 

We hope you love the photos and attention to detail as much as we do! 


Carrie & Seash

Seashols Barnes